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"Suzal India Services" was created exciting business opportunity along with providing better, stable financial security to all the distributors of the company. We are one of the India's upcoming business house with multiple business activities across the country.


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Suzal India Provides the guidance of best marketing plans as well as provide the best quality of products..

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Suzal India is a unique business Concept, a business that has potential to turn your dreams into reality.

The name Suzal India is full with fire and power. The company name money has been establish to help passion of people who want to perceive passive income. Though the name money as company is yet to create history of success, we are actively creating that history day by day with support of all our assosiates and leaders.


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Fast and Stress free Shopping. You can find wide range of products.


Secure and Timely payment system available for all kind of purchases.


We are there 24 * 7 for shopping related support. Feel free to contact us.


We are in this business since very long, and we keep all the information secure at are end.

Return Policy

We follow best return policy, you can return product, if you find any non-acceptable deffect.


You can also earn with shopping, which will help you in growning financially.